Dedicated to Dachshunds


Over the last 15-years we’ve had the privilege to walk, daycare and board numerous dog breeds, however most people will know we love Dachshunds; whether miniature or standard, smooth or long-haired, wirehaired or dapple, we love them all.
Some say we’re devoted to dachshunds, and because we live with our own Dachshunds (Chip, our Mini-Smooth, Bertie, our Standard-Wirehaired and Hettie, our Mini-Longhaired) we have adapted our home and transport so they are safe for these short, longer backed breeds. We feel we can offer your Dachshund a tailored pet service – we’ve even built a staircase elevator to protect their backs (and mine) whilst going up and down stairs. We offer Dachshund Dog Walking, Local Authority Licenced Dachshund Daycare, Dachshund Boarding and Dachshund Puppy Daycare…..everything you’ll ever need for your precious sausage all under one roof. 
We have an EXCLUSIVE secure field dedicated to Dachshunds and small/miniature breeds; so we can offer a Dachshund safe and secure environment
Dachshund safety measures
  • Stairs are blocked off so they can not go up or down them.
  • Dachshund steps offer the sausages access to the comfort of our sofas so they can demand their human cuddles whenever they need…..a regular occurrence in our home.
  • Non-slip, purpose built ramps in allow them to safely avoid any stairs throughout our large front, side, and rear gardens.
  • Our gardens are fenced and secure so we have no sausage escapees.
  • Exclusive and secure Dachshund safe field. 
  • Non slip access ramp to our vehicle – for those independent Dachshunds who feel they don’t need lifted up!
  • Crash-tested safety crates. Each crate having its own lighting and ventilation/cooling fan as required.
  • 5*Star rated Licence through North Tyneside Council 
Dachshund dog walking

Dachshund Dog Walking

Our Dachshund group social walks take place in our exclusive, secure and safe Dachshund dog walking field. Your dog will get an hour to exercise, socialise and have fun with their 4-pawed Dachy pals, and other small/miniature breeds.

Our fully fenced field ensures even those Dachshunds with non-reliable recall can be let off lead for some fun exercise. We’ll collect your pooch, transport them to our field, walk, play, cuddle, towel down, before returning them happily tired out to their home.

We welcome those Wheelchair user Dachshunds who have been disabled due to Intervertebral Disc Disease.

For more information on IVDD and how to best prevent in your beloved Dachshund please CLICK HERE

from £7 per Hour

Dachshund Home Daycare

Dachshund Home Daycare

For those who would prefer their Dachshund to have the company of humans and other dogs across the day, our Dachshund Home Daycare is the dog walking service for you.

Your dog gets to chill, relax and play in our Local Authority Licenced and comfortable Dachshund safe home.

They will join other Dachshunds and small/miniature breeds in our exclusive Dachshund field.

We collect and drop off all dogs for Daycare so that our daily schedule is not delayed should you get delayed.

Collection is between 7.45am and 9.30am(depending on location) with drop off between 3.30pm/4.30pm.

You should come home to find a happy, contented and likely snoozing Dachshund!

Click to check our licence status on the public register of with North Tyneside Council

from £24.00 per day

Dachshund Home Boarding

Dachshund Home Boarding

When booking your next holiday don’t forget to book your Dachshund with Walking the Dog for their holiday too.

They will live with us, in our home and be treated exactly as we treat our own dogs.

Your dog gets to chill, relax and play in our Local Authority Licenced and comfortable home.

Daily exercise in our exclusive, secure and safe Dachshund field and plenty of love and cuddles back home keeps them happy until your return.

This is an incredibly popular service, with clients rebooking 9 to 12 months ahead.

Check our availability as soon as possible so your dog is not disappointed.

from £24.00 per day

Dachshund Puppy Daycare

Dachshund Puppy Daycare

Your precious pup will love our Puppy Daycare.  We collect them in the morning, take them to our comfortable and puppy safe home. They will learn to play, socialise and interact…..whilst having fun.

This will prepare your puppy for when they are out and about. Indeed many of the puppies we have helped over the years go on to join our adult group walks to continue their socialisation.

Please note this is not in place of Puppy Training Classes. We can’t recommend more highly than Cris Brown at Ruff Diamond Dog Training – CLICK HERE. 

For their own safety, all puppies must have had their 2nd vaccination around 12 weeks. We also strongly recommend the Kennel Cough vaccine.

from £24.00 per day

Dedicated to Dachshunds

Pet Requirements

what vaccinations does my dachshund need?

To join our dog walking services we recommend that all Dachshunds have had both puppy vaccines, or their yearly booster. If for health reasons your Dachshund can’t be kept up to date with vaccines please let us know as we may be able to advise an alternative ie Titre testing. We strongly recommend all Dachshunds have a yearly Kennel Cough vaccine, especially important for the younger or older dog.

when can my dachshund join your dog walking services?

Usually from around 4 to 6-months we recommend that we can transfer Dachshunds from our Dachshund Puppy Daycare onto our walks. They will be closely monitored so that they do not overexert themselves too much.

The freedom of the field allows them so much freedom to explore and interact with other Dachshunds and small/miniature breeds thus offering them so much more socialisation. 

when can my dachshund access home daycare & home boarding?

Puppies and Dogs can access our daycare and home boarding once they have had their first full course of vaccinations around 12-weeks. We also strongly recommend they are vaccinated against Kennel Cough.

Puppies will only ever be offered exercise appropriate to their maturity – around 5-minutes of exercise for every month of age. 

do we take intact Dachshunds dogs?

Yes we do, however please note we always take them on a trial period. If we find that they are too boisterous or display excessive mounting we may recommend they are not suitable for group walks/daycare/boarding, we may also advise neutering as an option so that they can continue to socialise, exercise and play nicely.

Unneutered males occasionally begin to scent-mark when they arrive in our home, even though this behaviour may not be noticed in your home. This is due to the number of dogs having been in our home previously, and your dog’s sensitive nose picks up on this and they react accordingly.

If your dog does scent mark we will not be able to board, sorry. Again neutering would be recommended. 

do we take unspayed female Dachshunds

Yes we do, however please note that we can not walk, daycare or board during their season as this will cause a huge distraction to the males in their pack.

Please keep note of when your Dachshund’s season is due as if this start whilst your dog is boarding you will be charged for the additional Solo walks this will require as per our T&C’s.