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dog walking services

Dog Walking

Our group social walks take place in our exclusive, secure and safe field. Your dogs will get a full hour to exercise, socialise and have fun with their 4-pawed pals. Our fully fenced field ensures even those dogs with non-reliable recall can be let off lead. We’ll collect your pooch, transport them to our field, walk, play, cuddle, towel down and brush through, before returning them happily tired out to their home.

We welcome disabled dogs who are wheelchair bound; please contact us for more information on how we can help.

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from £7 per Hour

dog walking services daycare

Home Daycare

For those who would prefer their dog to have company of humans and other dogs across the day, our Home Daycare is the dog walking service for you. Your dog gets to chill, relax and play in our Local Authority Licenced and comfortable home between their walks in our exclusive, secure and safe field.

Click to check our licence status on the public register of with North Tyneside Council

from £26.50 per day

dog walking services home boarding holidays

Home Boarding – Holiday

When booking your next holiday don’t forget to book your dog with Walking the Dog for their holiday too. They will live with us, in our home and be treated exactly as we treat our own dogs. Daily exercise in our exclusive, secure and safe field, and plenty of love and cuddles back home keeps them happy until your return.

This is an incredibly popular service, with clients rebooking 9 to 12 months ahead. Check our availabilty as soon as possible so your dog is not disappointed.

from £26.50 per day

dog walking services

Puppy Home Visits

Until your precious pup is old enough to join us on our social walks – usually around 6 months – we can offer them a drop in service. We will visit your home, allow them to play, toilet, refresh water, top up food and of course offer them plenty of love and cuddles. We’ll make sure any accidents are cleaned up, ensure theior bedding is clean and dry, before tucking them back into their crate or bed until our next visit or your arrival home.

£10 per visit

Puppy Pre-School

Your precious pup will love our Puppy Pre-school Sessions.  We collect them in the morning, take them to our exclusive, secure and safe field, where they can meet puppies of a similar age. They will learn to play, socialise and interact…..whilst having fun.

This will prepare your puppy for when they are out and about. Indeed many of the puppies we have helped over the years go on to join our adult group walks to continue their socialisation.

Please note this is not in place of Puppy Training Classes and to allow your puppy to benefit from those essential classes we can’t recommend more highly than Cris Brown at Ruff Diamond Dog Training – CLICK HERE. 

As we only run the puppy pre-school fortnightly every other Saturday morning, spaces and dates are limited so get in touch today.

For their own safety, all puppies must have had their 2nd vaccination around 12 weeks. We would also strongly recommend the Kennel Cough vaccine.

from £15 per hour session

Pet Requirements

what vaccinations does my dog need?

To join our dog walking services we recommend that all dogs have had both puppy vaccines, or their yearly booster. If for health reasons your dog can’t be kept up to date with vaccines let us know and we may be able to advise an alternative. We strongly recommend dogs also have Kennel Cough, especially the younger or older dog.

when can my dog join your dog walking services?

Usually from around 6-months we recommend that we can transfer dogs from our Puppy Visits or Puppy Pre-School onto our walks. 

when can my dog access home daycare & home boarding?

Puppies and Dogs can access our daycare and home boarding once they have had their first full course of vaccinations around 12-weeks. We also strongly recommend they are vaccinated against Kennel Cough. Puppies will only ever be offered exercise appropriate to their maturity – around 5-minutes of exercise for every month of age. 

do we take intact male dogs?

Yes we do, however please note we always take them on a trial period. If we find that they are too boisterous or display excessive mounting we may recommend they are not suitable for group walks/daycare/boarding, we may also advise neutering as an option so that they can continue to socialise, exercise and play with their 4-pawed pals.

do we take unspayed female dogs

Yes we do, however please note that we can not walk, daycare or board during their season as this will cause a huge distraction to the males in their pack.